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The Park Dale Players' production of Armando and the Blue Tarp School took place in March of 2010. Based on the California Young Readers Award finalist children's book by Encinitas authors Edith Fine and Judith Josephson, this musical by playwright and lyricist Pat Lydersen and composer Wendy Woolf brings to life the work of teacher and humanitarian David Lynch who 30 years ago placed a blue tarp on the garbage dump in Tijuana and began to educate the children who lived and worked there.

Our production of Armando not only received standing ovations to sold-out houses throughout its run, but also played to over 1500 school children who came on field trips to see the show. The Park Dale Players donated all the proceeds (over $8000!) from this production to David Lynch's wonderful organization, Responsibility, which continues to build schools and give hope to the forgotten children living near the dumps throughout Mexico and Central America.

One of our most successful and exciting productions to date, here is just a sampling of the emails we received after the show:

"Best money we've ever spent!"
"Amazing dance moves and stage presence!"
"I could see this on Broadway!"
"The fire scene was incredible!"
"We're so glad we went!"
"Bravo, bravo, bravo to all involved!"
"The play and music were able to tickle our funny bones while weaving the bitter-sweet true story of the famil